. Bootstrap Confidence Regions Based On M-estimators Under Nonstandard Conditions. Annals of Statistics (to appear), 2019.


. Greedy Attack and Gumbel Attack: Generating Adversarial Examples for Discrete Data. arXiv Preprint, 2018.

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. History PCA: A New Algorithm for Streaming PCA. arXiv Preprint, 2018.

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I am/was a teaching assistent for the following courses at UC Davis:

  • STA 13 Elementary Statistics
  • STA 32 Statistics Through Computing
  • STA 100 Biostatistics
  • STA 103 Applied Statistics
  • STA 250 Optimization and Machine Learning

Industrial Experience

  • Machine Learning PhD Intern, News Feed Machine Learning, Facebook, Jun-Sep, 2018
  • Research Based Software Engineer Intern, Cortana, Microsoft AI&R, Jun-Sep, 2017
  • Quantitative Finance Trainee, Morgan Stanley, Jan-Dec, 2017